We hope this newsletter finds you all in good health. Just a quick update on how everything is going here at Heaps Good Wine Company. Really happy that this warmer and drier weather has come along, the vineyards are in great condition. Flowering was good, and even across most blocks, with the exception of the Sivi Pinot which is a bit patchy as it is every year. Some of you may have seen via facebook that we planted a new vineyard this year. It is an extension of the Oplotnica vineyard where we currently get the Sivi Pinot from and also Chardonnay for our Sparkling wine. We have planted a very high quality clone (115) on a very low vigour rootstock (Riparia Gloire) and we are very excited about the prospects of having some fruit off this vineyard from 2015.

The 2011 barrels are looking really nice, the Sivi has beautiful balance and intensity, and I am excited because we have four barrels this year when last year we only had three, so that should mean close to 1200 bottles. One of the four has been allowed to go through the Malolactic fermentation, but has finished and I am really happy with the acidity, given that the grapes had quite low levels at harvest it was one of my big worries. So the wine is now sitting on gross lees and we should expect to bottle in September and release towards the end of the year.

The reds are both still going through Malolactic fermentation which makes them quit e difficult to taste at the moment, but I am very impressed with the elegance and finesse of the Modri Pinot this year, and the nose is like an explosion of cherries. We used up to 35% whole bunches in the ferments this year and this has added another dimension and more complexity. The Frankinja is very earthy and rich and quite concentrated, it looks exciting also.

We are now selling at least one of our wines in 8 restaurants around Slovenia so if you’re looking for a nice meal out then we suggest the following fine dining establishments;

MaK, Maribor
Pavus, Lasko
Brioni, Kranj
Hotel Triglav, Bled
Promenada, Bled
Hisa Raduha, Luce
La Storia, Celje
Asado, Levec

Also, if you live in Novo Mesto you can buy our wines from the fantastic little store; Malamacka

We would like to increase our sales of wine direct to the consumer(that means you), so you can now buy our wines through our Facebook site, where we are offering better prices for our fans, and don’t worry payment is processed through Paypal so is 100% safe. You can also contact us directly to buy wines, or if you would like to visit the cellar. For more details go to www.hgw.si

We will be pouring wines at Hisa Stara Trte in Maribor during the Lent festival, so come down on Saturday the 23rd June and Thursday the 5th of July, starts at 7pm we look forward to seeing you there. We will make sure we keep you all informed about any other upcoming events we are involved in.

All the best,

Nick and Marija