1379527_719774208036269_1471906863_nI feared greatly for the Blaufrankisch this year, it just didn’t seem to have the time to ripen to where I would like. We picked it on the 18th of October, which was very late and quite surreal. Much like the Pinot noir I was never wowed by the wine during the ferment, but now that it is in barrel it is looking very interesting indeed.

Harvest: 18th October

1093 density

3,36 pH

7,1g/l acid

This wine has a really nice balance between the two ends of the ripeness spectrum of Blaufrankisch. It has hints of the ripe plums and blackberries found in super ripe Blaufrankisch integrated with some spicy pepperyness often found in wines from cooler locations. As with the Blaufrankisch I have made in the past it is very intense and generous. The wine was fermented in two open top fermentors, total maceration of 28 days.

Summary: Crowd pleaser