Modra Frankinja shoots

Long time since I was on here, as usual I seem to neglect this blog, and as usual I promise to try harder. Anyway, the weather has been really nice so far this year, and the vineyard is off to a great start. It would of been nice to have had a proper winter, but it is what it is. Budburst has been fairly even and things are looking good so far. We will likely start shoot thinning this coming week. Hoping that the warm dry weather continues through the season, one can dream.

Young vine Modra Frankinja

Meanwhile in the wine cellar, with the mild winter and warm early spring temperatures most of the 2019 wines are already nearing the completion of malolactic fermentation. The wines are showing really good potential, and I am excited to see how they end up come August/September.


I will be back on here in the coming days with a look back at last years harvest, and try to give you all an insight into all the crazy stuff we got up to. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy a glass or two of Heaps Good wine.