I spent a few days last week in Rome, my first time in what turns out to be a fabulous city. My reason for the trip; to take part in Dalla Slovenia con amore, a wonderful event organised by the lovely Andreja Lajh. It showcased five Slovenian winemakers and two chefs to an eager 300 odd Romans. The other winemakers represented were Marjan Simčič, Movia and Klet Brda from the west, and our near neighbours from Loče, Sanctum. The delightful gastronomic treats were courtesy of Ana Roš from Hiša Franko and Uroš Fakuč from Restavracija Dam.

ImageI presented the four 2011 wines, all poured from magnum. The feedback was very positive across the board. I took particular joy in the surprise the foreign (to them) variety Blaufrankisch created in several guests.


During my whirlwind 42 hour stay in Rome I took in most of the famous sites, I must say that the first time you lay eyes on the Colosseum it is mighty impressive. Also managed an afternoon by the seaside, it’s still pushing 20 degrees there, just lovely. All in all a great experience, it would be better if it leads to some business, but either way it was fun. Oh, and I’m sorry Paris but I now have a new favourite city.