Well, sorry folks, its been a while since I wrote anything here. I thought I would give you a summary of how the 2012 harvest turned out for us here at Heaps Good Wine Company. Overall it seems to be an ok year, though time will prove to be the ultimate factor.

It was an extremely trying growing season with damage from hail causing headaches. In the Sivi the crop was reduced by about 30% as a result. The damage in the red vineyard was worse as in addition to the hail that hit the Sivi on 14th July the reds were hit again on the 29th July, after we had already completed the green harvest.

Sivi was harvested much earlier this year than we have ever before. It is looking very nice, with firm acidity and intense up front fruit. I have still not decided on weather any barrels will go through malolactic fermentation this year, I personally prefer more mineral style with a good acid backbone. The reds were coming in at similar times to 2011. Red ferments were quick and short this year, with the Modri seeing only 19 days on skins and Frankinja 20 days. Tannin development was much faster than in past years, and the wines may lack a bit of the intensity that is found in the 2011’s but they have fine structure and perhaps more finesse. But as I said earlier, time will tell, I will update you again after the Malolactic fermentation finishes, and we have a better idea of how the wines will develop.

I intend to be much more active with this blog in the future, and keep you all up to date.